May 22nd, 2014
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The web hosts hundreds of websites that propose online casino games, which makes more difficult to make the right decision on where to sign up. What would suit you is an online casino that guarantying you satisfaction in terms of service, promotions and bonus. It is worth to admit that online casinos, contrary to land-based ones, are able to offer clients with unbelievable number of bonuses. Each move you make during your gaming moment is rewarded with bonus, which would help you improve your gaming experience, even free bet without deposit exists. Deposits for example, are translated into loyalty points. Exclusive advantages are awarded to players that have accumulated enough points to become a VIP member.

The online casino that would match your interest would be the one that gives you the possibility to enjoy your favorite games, and this, without you spend any cents. This means that you will play the game you like for free. If you are keen on online slot machines or roulette, gaming websites can let you play for free. Whatever the online casino of your choice, make sure it is run by legal operators and that they have received a gaming license from the competent authority to do so.

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July 5th, 2013
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The French Marion Bartoli is among the women players who will play the semi-finals of Wimbledon’s Tournament. Besides, it is a tournament highly followed by keens of sport betting worldwide. The French woman player will have the Belgian Kirsten Flipkens as opponent. After all things she lived during these last months, especially with successive injuries, Bartoli confesses that tennis is a quite crazy sport.

Incredible! It is the word which allows to qualify her route on the English lands. Her match against the American S. Stephens showed that tennis is not only a physical sport. It is also using the mental. It is on this last point that Bartoli knew how to surpass her opponent. Winning against Stephens was very difficult, but Bartoli managed to impose herself throughout the match. Concerning her future adversary, Bartoli says that if Flipkens came at this stage, it is because she deserved it. This shock will be waited with impatience by fans of online betting.

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February 14th, 2011
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Do you know what a poker grinder? He is a player who cannot pull off the table, whether at a land-based casino or an online poker room. The player feels to lose something if he stops, and so he cannot get up. This attitude is bad; poker is a game for players with good discipline.
A good discipline at the poker tables includes not chasing bad hands, choosing the best hands and focus on reading the players. Being able to get away from the game is a good discipline. But this is not easy for all players, when this is essential to know how to play good poker.

The problem is mostly with online poker players. Even if you play poker may be the way to a certain amount of financial rewards, it is not really the way to achieve financial freedom if you are at risk of compromising your personal freedom.

Online poker is played 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Every moment away from the poker tables is not a missed opportunity, because being slaves to a virtual poker table is not the way to live life. Some players give up on sleep, even to eat, or spend time with friends.

These grinders are the kind of players who take their laptops to the bathroom to keep playing, for fear of losing a hand. You know who you are! When everything else becomes secondary but to put a dime more at the poker table, something is very wrong. The time away from the poker table has a positive value and no one should play long sessions of poker without taking a break.
A balance and a certain perspective have to be maintained. If you want to read about how to do this successfully, read the writings of the pro poker player Barry Tanenbaum. Daniel Negreanu is another pro who manages his time well with a balanced approach to living life with the poker. You can learn a thing or two about life and how to play poker from a professional like him. According to Daniel, “time is not a luxury, it is a necessity.”

It is very important to move away from the table and the player Amy Calistri uses a very good analogy: she compares the fact of playing poker 24 / 7 to a horror movie. In fact, she says that if you’re in a house full of murderers and if you are chased by them, what do you do? You don’t shower for a break, you go out of there, and this is what the online poker grinder needs to do, leave the table and leave the house!

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July 28th, 2010
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Sometimes luck is not there for you or just it is not your day.  This is a true story about a big pot and, an unlucky loser.

We will call him Peter.  Peter was playing Poker online, and after a few hands he was quite lucky and Peter is someone who plays a few hours a day. He loves poker and he is quite good at it.

Today, as usual, he plays some money and it is not so bad.He has  won a few pots and now, he has almost around $ 2000 (real money of course). He started with $200. His strategy is if he is underneath $100 he just leaves the online poker. So sometimes it is fast and sometimes he can win a lot.

But anyway, everything was alright and he was playing with some guys, one of them was quite mad and he used to bluff a lot before the pre-flop. Peter used to play against this kind of guy and he knows by experience that they lose quickly through their unskilled poker experience.

So Peter received 2 cards, and guess what, pocket ACES. He called the big blind as he doesn’t want to scare anyone and because he knows that the other player will raise anyway. Of course, it happens. So Peter wants to fake the fact he is angry and raises again.  So the other player just called him as well.

The flop: ACE (heart), a 5 (club) and a 10 (diamond).

Perfect for Peter but he checked just to act like he has nothing, so the other one raises $200.

Peter raised again, same technique as before. He called.

Next card a Q (heart), two hearts on the river but nothing important. So Peter raised now because the pot was quite important but the other guy went all in.  Peter didn’t believe him and called him. So Peter is all in for $2000 but the probability to win is very high for him that he knows he will win.

Everyone turns their own cards (online games), pockets Aces for Peter and for the other person 2 and 7 Hearts (quite crazy to play with that at the beginning of the game, and probably no one will try it, especially on Internet!) But now I think you know what happened, don’t you? The next card on the river was a bloody 9 of hearts.

Peter can’t believe in it. Unbelievable that someone calls you with these kinds of crap cards. Unfortunately, it means that sometimes, bad players can win as well. Luck is always around poker and sometimes you can be one of the best players ever, the game can just decide differently for you. This kind of round doesn’t happen too often but when you are the unlucky guy, it just pisses you off so much. That is poker! You have to accept it to improve your game.

So good luck for the next round and don’t underestimate your opponents even if they don’t play well.

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